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At i3create we access the impact that emerging technology may have on your organisation. We explore the opportunities that lie in such technolgies with the aim of making your business very successful. Our approach is simple. We partner with you to 'map' a view of your current business. We then suggest solutions that will make your firm more efficient and competitive. Our goal is to transform your business with innovative and trending ideas.

Smart Operations

Identifing and accessing what technology provides strategic value.

IT Procurements

Getting the right software and services to address your infrastructure or application workload

Software Solutions

Advice on and/or the creation of custom-built software applications and websites

Hybrid IT and Cloud Computing

Power your business with personalized services and intelligence from networks

Talent Acquisition

Success hinges on people. We help you get the best.


We'll manage your approach to blockchain adoption.

Big Data & Insights

Bring pools of data together, analyze and discern patterns to make better decisions

Socially embedded business processes

Improve social connections within and outside the firm to get work done smarter and faster.

A Snapshot Of Our Services

Businesses face a number of challenges including optimizing operational efficiency, improving the customer's experience and reducing cost. More than ever, businesses need to focus on cost effective and trending technologies. We will advice you mainly {but not exclusively} on the following:

Data & Insights

Structure and properly use the data that you produce

Software Solutions

Power your business with world class software

Social Media

Social Media is the future, interact with your customers.

Cloud Solutions

Experience business agility and reduce costs


Explore the power of digital ledgers and smart contracts .

Talent Engagement

We help you assemble a great workforce.

The Industries We Work With

We are an IT consultancy company. We work with clients in both the public and private fields. These are some of the sectors we serve.

Public sector

We serve at national, regional, state and local levels.


We consult on specific or end-to-end health solutions

Retail & Hospitality

We offer advice with a focus on the consumer


We offer solutions to issues using the best technology

Private Sector

We see ourselves as partners to private businesses


We offer advice that engage and empower students

Do you wish to engage us?

We consult based on our successful combination of insight, innovation and deep knowledge of current technology trends. Why not send an email to info@i3create.com